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Glyphs in astrology are not just assigned for the sake of it. Our healing, our wisdom, our gateway to different levels of consciousness. Mercury is the important part of this trine cause it has us pay attention to it other it could have very gone unnoticed. This could most definitely be about something you knew all along but now you can no longer ignore it.

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Chiron moving direct within this trine has you embracing the pain to move forward for greater healing. This is also has to do with the house the north node is in currently what house is Cancer covering for you and well as Pisces? Chiron gave you the key to open the door so we must walk in conciously for our karmic evolvement. Jump to. Sections of this page.

Accessibility Help. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Sign Up. See more of Mountain Peaks Astrology on Facebook. Log In. It is interesting how the shifts in energy influence us before we are even conscious of them. Before thinking about the Year of the Sheep, I decided that the theme of my workshops in the U.

Pisces Solar Eclipse: Hold onto Your Horses!

Have things similarity shifted in your life? Has your mood inexplicably changed? Are you calmer and less agitated? Maybe you are letting go of control, giving up the struggle mode, being more relaxed, and more easily accepting the way things are. I really feel that Inner Peace is Possible.

Venus and Mars in Aries while the Sun is in Pisces helps us focus on our path of self-realization.

Mountain Spirit Astrology: Pisces

Pisces needs to ground its energy, which is naturally in the clouds and often out of the body. Earth Mother Virgo gives Pisces a container. A skill that serves others gives Pisces a way to express its natural love and compassion. Pisces and Virgo symbolize the interaction and integration of the material and spiritual worlds.

Pluto Conjunct Juno Natal Chart

Virgo uses its discriminating intellect to organize and achieve practical results. Pisces uses intuition and feelings to gather information and to make decisions. Virgo makes it possible to function in this world. Pisces helps us maintain our connection with Spirit. Pisces knows that everything is made up of energy, interconnected, and constantly changing. Albert Einstein was a Pisces.

Ask Pisces how to make sense of a complex world and universe where everything is happening at once. Pisces comfort zone is with the mystery, which, when we feel it deeply, awakens into mystical ecstasy.

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March 16 is the seventh and final square between revolutionary Uranus and evolutionary Pluto. After this date Uranus and Pluto will gradually distance themselves from each other. By the end of March, Uranus will move to 16 degrees and then to 17 degrees in mid April.

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Pluto will remain at 15 degrees through the first of June. The intense interaction of these two outer planets has been the major force in our lives since June This configuration is about profound change and awakening in our personal reality and the collective consciousness. We have each been challenged in our own special way to transform both our inner and our outer lives. The first square was at 8 degrees. The last one is at 15 degrees. Although we can each identify our major challenges in the last 3 years, we can gain further insight into what is being activated by identifying in your birth chart any planets that are at degrees of any sign.

We can also identify where Aries and Capricorn fall in our birth chart. In some way a deep inner awakening has happened within each of us. We can now become aware of this shift and assess our evolution of consciousness. Somehow, somewhere you will feel a sense of resolution. You will be able to let go and to move on. Take the time to notice completions and how you and your life have changed. Can you feel more self-confidence, more maturity, and inner strength? Mars adds power and commitment to the next phase of our journey. We can explore and expand in many wonderful ways if we see things differently to do things differently.

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Be wise and courageous. The Universe and your soul are supporting you. The Pisces New Moon Solar Eclipse takes place in the last sign of the zodiac and the last degree of Pisces, less than 3 minutes before the Moons enters Aries, and nine minutes before the Sun moves into Aries announcing — the Spring Equinox in the northern hemisphere. This is the last of six consecutive New Moons that form at the first or last degree on the sign,.

Pisces reminds us that we are on a spiritual journey and that our goal is our conscious reunion with Spirit.

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How much progress have you made toward this goal in the last year? The Pisces symbol is two yoked fish swimming harmoniously together. Pisces shows us that the polarities can and naturally swim together in a supportive and harmonious manner. To do so, they must transcend duality and achieve unity of the polarities. A common interpretation of the two fish is that they are swimming in opposite directions.